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We used the Bigger Better Bag to remove old unwanted blown in insulation from our attic. This product is great! After placing the 20x10 bag in the rented dumpster we were able to vacuum the entire attic into one bag, which still had room for more. I would highly recommend the Bigger Better Bag to anyone looking for old blown in insulation removal. 

- Maria Mody - Jones

- Rob Bohm

Bigger Better Bag: A Home Run at the Major League Motor Inn at Fly Creek NY

When it was time to upgrade the insulation at the Major League we thought getting the old out would be impossible. When we looked at the Bigger Better Bag we saw an opportunity to clean out all the old and start fresh with a new insulated deck. The system is impressive with a huge bag that fills a dumpster or dump trailer with ease. More impressive is the outlet with filter connections to stop all the dust from escaping the bag. With two filters there is never an issue with limited air movement. The bags are made super tough and as thick as any plastic sheeting I have used. No need to be gentle with these bags once the filters and hose are duct taped on you are all set. The setup was fast and easy and within minutes we had the vacuum sucking insulation. The only hang up was the wind and cold. It was single digits with strong wind gusts causing us all kinds of trouble keeping the bag steady while getting it filled. Recommend strapping the bag in place before starting the vacuum and inflating the bag. Once strapped down everything worked smoothly not a single clog or hole in the bag despite every kind of nail, screw, and wood chunk we vacuumed up. These bags hold a hundred pounds of insulation so you will spend more time vacuuming and less time changing bags. This bag was enough for my 9 room motel. When I have another insulation removal job my first stop is the Bigger Better Bag.

We purchased a couple 20’x10’ bags for a large attic cleanout. The bags worked great. We put them on a flatbed trailer and hauled them away when we were done!

- Jamie - Upstate Spray Foam Insulation

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